Luxury Vinyl (LVP/LVT)

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT) products are becoming very popular in the “hard floor” market. Many are designed to look like “real wood” or ceramic tile but are not nearly as expensive. The planks can be installed below grade without expensive floor preparation. They are very durable and are long lasting. The planks can either be glued to the sub-floor or “floated” over the floor using the click together style. Great for kitchens, dining areas, entries, family rooms, and even bedrooms when combined with area rugs for warmth and comfort.

Sheet vinyl products are like most of the other flooring products – many look alike and may be attractive “on the surface” but much of the performance characteristics depend on the thickness of the top layer and construction in general. Lower end vinyl products have a very thin wear layer and are more susceptible to surface damage. These differences are often unknown by a person who shops infrequently for vinyl flooring.

Successful installation of glued vinyl products is heavily dependent on the preparation of the sub-floor BEFORE the vinyl is installed. Floor preparation requirements can only be determined with on-site inspection by people with experience. A poorly prepared sub-floor will always “telegraph” imperfections to the surface of the new vinyl – it’s too late then.