HunterDouglas Blinds

As a HunterDouglas Certified Consultant, we offer the full range of their quality blinds and shades. We also offer installation for blinds, however, if you are handy with a few tools, you can install them yourself. Blinds and shades are produced and marketed by a wide variety of manufacturers resulting in a market full of similar looking products but with a significant variance in price and quality.

There is a significant difference in fabric selections, appearance and performance between “bargain blinds” and high quality products manufactured by HunterDouglas. Their lifting and tilting systems are superb and unmatched in the industry. When purchasing HunterDouglas window treatments, you receive a lifetime repair warranty (cords for 7 years) – that’s golden! You don’t get that kind of benefit when you purchase your blinds from cash and carry outlets.

Many home improvement stores offer “ready-made” shades and blinds that MAY fit your window but might be just a little too wide, too narrow, too short or too long. They also offer special order window coverings custom made to fit the dimensions you provide. A full-service dealer, like Carpet Den, offers accurate measurements, free estimates, and installation to them and they do not see the in-home application. A full-service vendor like Carpet Den, offers accurate measurements, free estimates, and installation while recommending alternatives for a particular application. Being able to see samples in your home or a local HunterDouglas dealer showroom makes for a good experience and a favorable selection more likely.

If you would like to begin looking at options for your windows, a good place to start is a very helpful HunterDouglas website – The Art of Window Dressing. You can do some preliminary “shopping” then call Carpet Den for a free estimate.

HunterDouglas certified dealer image